Summer Solstice 7 Runduro

Sept 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm


Summer Solstice 7 Overall

Summer Solstice KOM

What is a Runduro?

A Runduro is a race that consists of a total mileage run, but within that total mileage only specific segments will be timed. Those times will be combined to come up with your total time. Thus, you only have to run those segments fast, the rest you may jog or walk if you like.

How does it work?

The Summer Solstice 7 Runduro will cover 7 miles of the Linear Trail starting at the Big Blue River parking lot and ending at Manhattan Running Company. During that 7 miles there will be 6 segments that are timed that will count toward your total time. The combined distance of those segments is approximately 3.3 miles. There will be distances ranging from a 200m sprint to the finish up to a 1.2 mile section of what we call “Concrete Land” on the linear trail. There will also be one hill section in which there will be a King of the Mountain award for fastest time up that segment.

This format allows for recovery time and for friends and family to be able to run or walk together in the rest periods. We think this will be a fun twist on the typical running event.

The race will finish line will be at Manhattan Running Company and we will be having a little party, so make sure to join us!

The first 100 people registered will receive this Aluminum Water Bottle!

Summer Solstice Water Bottle


Summer Solstice Map

SummerSolstice Map

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