Personal Training & Nutrition

Cheryl Sigle is certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition.  She has a wealth of knowledge from her own personal experience and through her education that can benefit runners and non-runners alike, from beginner to experienced.  Cheryl will create strength training programs based on your goals using equipment you have at home or equipment at the gym where you have a membership.  Everyone can benefit from including strength workouts in his or her training program.

Optimal nutrition is the most overlooked training component.  With the large number of fad diets and claims out there it is tough to know where to start when it comes to finding a nutrition plan.  Cheryl creates plans that will fit with each individual’s lifestyle.  No need to fear carbs and fats.  No need to eat only protein.  This is not a short-term quick-fix.  This is educating, empowering, and enforcing so you can stop worrying about what you are eating and perform optimally in life and whatever sport you enjoy.

Does grocery shopping seem overwhelming because you don’t know how to read labels or need advice with the best types of food for your goals?  Cheryl will meet you at the store and shop with you.  No cookie cutter programs here…..get a strength and nutrition plan just for you!  You can reach Cheryl for more information at or 785-564-3805.


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